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The big fashion dictionary

A stairway from the Ruhrh? Henweg to the street Am Deimelsberg still used in fake watch the 1970s has now expired (5).

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It was only in 1988 that the Italian company Visconti, based in Florence, was founded. At first the company has made a name for itself with exclusive writing instruments and accessories. For the 25th anniversary of the company in 2013, Visconti has come up with its first own watch collection. The mechanical watches are all characterized by innovative, partly by the manufacturer itself developed and patented technical solutions as well as by a keen willingness to experiment with materials. A distinctive design "Made in Italy" distinguishes each individual model and makes the watches a real eye-catcher. Today, we present here the "Up to Date" collection and from this the model "Sport".

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Balance principles for long-term success

My cat, my fish, my dog ​​- the most expensive pets in the world

The caliber 9F62 used in the watch comes with a precision of 5 seconds per year. To make sure that the anniversary with the unspeakable name runs precise, the developers donated their own axis to each hand. So they do not affect each other.

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The cost-effective product, which is equipped with a free real-time operating system (RTOS), is also being distributed to German distributors via the Komsa distributor.

- And it was like, 1, 2, 3, 4 … and the police was coming you understand.

The Bundesbank has just delivered good arguments with its top replica watches latest monthly report. It says that since 2008, Germans have earned an average of a meager 1.5 percent real return - ie after deducting inflation - with their investment. It is, above all, the savings products that spoil the worthwhile savers' returns. Even though the real yield has been higher in recent years due to the low purchasing power losses than the savings interest rates suggest, investors should not be satisfied with it.

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From grave finds in the open pit Profen knows? one, that our ancestors used rough-cut animal hides over 4,500 years ago to stow their tools. A truly temporary construction, but nonetheless the starting signal for one of the most important accessories of our time - the bag. For much of its cultural history, the bag was otherwise worn around the waist as a simple binder bag Women Replica watches or fastened in secret under the expansive clothing.